1. Getting Still.
    Connecting to Source.

    #vancouverisawesome (at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden)

  2. I spent the evening with two beautiful souls doing one of my favorite things - energetically clearing & blessing a space. The @juicetruck ‘s new storefront & production kitchen is now clear of old/negative energy and sparkling with conscious intention & positive vibrations. Thank you Zach & Ryan for inviting me to perform this sacred ritual in your nourishing space.

    #aatmahOMe #smudge #crystalenergy #consious #intention (at Juice Truck)

  3. Love this Full Moon Meditation in honour of our guru’s, teachers & mentors in celebration of Guru Purnima.

    One - Fill a bowl with water + sit under the moon’s light.

    Two - Hold the bowl of water in your hands

    Three - Reflect on lesson(s) that you have learned this past year/

    Four - Take 9, 27 or 108 deep breaths, picturing the breaths drawing up the spine, inhaling and exhaling deep gratitude for the lesson(s), opportunities and teachers involved in your growth & evolution.

    Five - As you breathe, allow every breath to feel as if you are flavouring the bowl of water with gratitude.

    Six - Slowly move towards the first plant or tree that catches your attention and pour your bowl of water onto it, to share your gratitude and cycle it back into the earth and the universe.

    #aatmalife #meditation #fullmoon #gurupurnima #sacredceremony

  4. the-art-of-yoga:

    Happiness Exists Only In The Present

    Visual Artist yogicasino

    ॐ☯ the-art-of-yoga ☯ॐ

  5. We are composed of the same divine sacred geometry as that of plants, crystals, stars and animals.

    Meditate / Pause / Reflect in nature. Revel in oneness that connects all.

    #aatmalife #sacredgeometry #conscious #meditate #mamanature #blissology #gratitude

  6. Tap into the healing power of crystals.

    These freshly cleansed, charged & reiki programed crystals are going to @nicolebridger West 4th Ave boutique tomorrow.

    Program one for your intention and goals.

    #aatmalife #crystalhealing #crystalenergy #reiki #conscious #quartzcrystals #intentions

  7. Last week, while strolling the magic forest in North Vancouver with @athena_atelier , two Robins criss crossed our path. Minutes later this wee hatched egg presented itself. Today, I found it again and as I perched it on a leaf to take this photo, another Robin appeared on my patio. Thanks for the messages, gifts and votes of confidence dear Universe. #mamanature #loveisall #blissology #gratitude

  8. Time to put your crystals out for a powerful cleansing and charging. Release old energies and reawaken it’s vibrational resonance. The full moon is potent for us and these little gems.

    Full Moon in Sagittarius ~

    This is the beauty of the Full Moon phase, illumination and clearing the symbolic energy field, tending to the emotional level and then creating space for greater emotional intimacy and exchange.

    Whatever is swelling up within the emotional level and subconscious is important to take a closer look at, explore and possibly heal. What fears or reactions are gripping you from the inside?

    #aatmalife #crystalenergy #crystalcleansing #fullmoon #crystals

  9. Sometimes, one thing needs to end or die in order to clear the way for new opportunities / growth / life. #aatmalife #naturelessons #makespace (at Stanley Park Seawall)

  10. Nature Reset
    Pranayama whilst paddling
    #bliss #beautifulbc #nature #meditation (at Deep Cove, North Vancouver)